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Bullers Bird Park 2

Bullers Calliope Vineyard

Three Chain Road, Rutherglen 3685

Bullers Bird Park has an amazing array of Australian Parrots, Rosellas and Cockatoos, which are mostly local birds. The Park has four of the rarest birds in Australia.

Below are some of the spectacular coloured parrots at the Park. When you come bring your camera, but try not to use flash lights.


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Alexandra's Parrot, Blue Winged Parrot, and Bourke's Parrot.

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Cockatiel, Crimson Rosella and Electus Parrot

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Eligant Parrot, King Parrot and Major Mitchell Cockatoo


Rubird19.JPG (11254 bytes) Rubird20.JPG (6919 bytes) Rubird7.JPG (6916 bytes)

Pale Headed Rosella, Red Vented Blue Bonnet Parrot and Regent Parrot


Rubird21.JPG (9276 bytes) Rubird12.JPG (6059 bytes) Rubird10.JPG (10926 bytes)


Scarlet Chested Parrot, Superb Parrot, Yellow Rosella


As well as the Australian Parrots, Rosellas and Cockatoos, Buller's Bird Park has an extensive range of Waterfowl and other Australian Birds. When in Rutherglen, drop into Bullers Winery and take a stroll around the Bird Park. Bring your lunch and have a Picnic in the beautiful gardens. You may even find a fine wine to accompany your lunch.


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Endangered Australian Birds

Regent Honeyeater Scarlet Chested Parrot
Bush Stone Curlew Square Tailed Kite
Swift Parrot Turquoise Parrot



Preserved Bird Display


For the tourist who would love to see the many varieties of birds that thrive in our area, and would like to have a close look at them, the Bourke Museum at Beechworth has over 100 species on display.

These birds were alive 150 years ago, and have been lovingly preserved behind a spectacular glass cabinet, forming a beautiful and everlasting display so that  people will be able to observe these beautiful species forever.


Bourke Museum, Beechworth



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