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Bird Trail 3a

Australian Birdwatching

Australian Birdwatching


Australian Birdwatching at Chiltern,

the Capital of Birdwatching in Victoria.


Bird Trail Number 3

Wetlands Tour


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Start at Lake Anderson in the centre of town (next to the caravan park). This is both an excellent Australian birdwatching location and it is in the centre of town. An artificial lake, Lake Anderson usually has a very good range ofAustralian native waterbirds on and over it as well as a few wild Mallards. Its well worth a look, or a more leisurely 1 km walk around it.

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Above left is the Little Grassbird, and right, the Reed Warbler.


Look closely for roosting birds on the island. On the south eastern end, follow the gully that enters the dam. A track goes to a dam being revegetated by the local Lions Club. When birdwatching along this reedy fringe keep an eye out for Little Grassbirds, and the more conspicuous Clamorous Reed Warblers.


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On the left is a Grey Teal, centre a Blue Winged Shoveler, and right a Mallard.


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Left is a Chestnut Teal, centre a Pacific Black Duck, right is a Chestnut Breasted Shelduck.


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Left is the Eurasian Coot, centre is the Wood Duck, and right is the Purple Swamphen.



An Interesting Fact.

The three wetland areas were all deep mined gold mines in the late 1800's. Lake Anderson was the Alliance Gold Mine, and the other two areas were the Chiltern Valley Number One Gold Mine, and the Chiltern Valley Number Two Gold Mine. Click here to see these and other local Gold Mines. These historic Gold Mines have become the Australian Birdwatching centre of southern Australia.



Then head to the Wetlands of the Chiltern Valley, where the Chiltern Valley Number 2 lake is the largest wetlands area in the district, making it one of the best Australian Birdwatching sites.




Australian Birdwatching Tours Around Chiltern

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