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Chiltern Bird Trails

Australia's Endangered Bird Species


There are four of Australia's Endangered Birds who are regular visitors to the Chiltern Forest, known as the Chiltern Box Iron Bark National Park.


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Regent Honeyeater


These are the woodland species :-

Regent Honeyeater

Swift Parrot

Turquoise Parrot 

Square Tailed Kite


The Chiltern Box Ironbark National Park surrounds the picturesque historic town of Chiltern, so birdwatchers can easily access the many excellent bird locations by foot from town, or reach any location in the district by a short bicycle or car ride.

Chiltern is one of the Premiere Bird Watching areas in Southern Australia.

The district has exceptional bird diversity, due to the high quality of habitat protected in the Chiltern National Park and surrounds, and because the location of the district is on the boundary of two distinct bioregions, the drier woodlands of the inland, and the wetter mountain forests. More than 220 species have been recorded at Chiltern, 180 of them residents or regular visitors.

This web site details the best sites for birdwatching in Chiltern.

Included are details on

                                Four Half Day Bird Tours

All of the four bird trails have been designed for an approximate three to four hour tour. However, all can be done at greater or less speed, depending on your time availability and what the birds are doing on the day. Most of the locations given are in the Chiltern National Park or the Mt Pilot Park.

Please observe the Parks regulations.


                                        Tour 1        Honeyeaters and Small Birds

                                        Tour 2        A Bush Paddock and a Brewery

                                        Tour 3        Wetlands Tour

                                        Tour 4        Mt Pilot and Barambogie Granite Country


                                The Best Seasonal Spots for Birdwatching

                                Notes on Finding Particular Species

                                The Complete Chiltern Birdwatching List

                          Listing of Bird Park and Preserved Birds



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Tour 4  Notes Listing 1 Listing 2



Endangered Australian Birds

Regent Honeyeater Scarlet Chested Parrot
Bush Stone Curlew Square Tailed Kite
Swift Parrot Turquoise Parrot



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