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A Listing of Birds found in Bird Parks and Preserved Birds in Museums near Chiltern


Chiltern, the Birdwatching Capital of Victoria is located in the middle of two other well known Victorian Towns, Beechworth and Rutherglen.

Beechworth is famous as the best preserved Gold Mining Town of the 1850's,

and Rutherglen is famous for making great preserved wines.


Robert O' Hara Burke Memorial Museum


At Beechworth, there is a Museum dedicated to Robert O'Hara Burke, which was established in 1856.

Robert O'Hara Burke was stationed at Beechworth during the Gold Rush days as a Police Superintendant, from 1854 to 1858, and later became known to all Australians as one half of the ill fated expedition into the Australian Outback, the Burke and Wills expedition in 1860 to 1861.

At the Beechworth Burke Museum, they have a magnificent display of over 100 birds, which have been preserved or "stuffed" and placed in a magnificent glass display cabinet.

Most of these birds were acquired by the Museum over the three year period from 1879 to 1881. Again most of the birds were preserved by Mr A W Eustace and the Reverend W S C Howard. The museum paid 5 shillings each to have the birds preserved.

Most of these birds were shot in the local area during these three years.


ChPbird1.JPG (23831 bytes)

The magnificent display case which has a huge array of preserved birds from the 1880's.


A listing of the Burke Museum Birds

White Goshawk Woodchat Shrike Spotted Water Crake
Leadbetter's Cockatoo Beautiful Flucatcher ( India ) Avocet
Swift Parrot Wandering Flycatcher ( India ) Indian Snipe
Wonga Wonga Pigeon Flycatcher unnamed ( India ) Turnstone
Nankeen Night Heron Paradise Flycatcher Great Black Backed Gull
Southern Tern Flycatcher unnamed Variegated Gull
Australian Hobby Ring Thrush Black Headed Gull
Jardines Harrier Missel Thrush Gull unnamed
Wedge Tailed Eagle Manakin Red Necked Grebe
Little Sparrow Hawk Bohemian Chatter Common Buzzard
Kestral Black Tilmouse Mottled Buzzard
Merlin Falcon Yellow Bunting ( Holland ) Snowy Owl
Collared Sparrow Hawk Snow Bunting Virginian Bee Owl ( USA )
Australian Dollar Bird Bunting unnamed Horned Owl
Blue Bellied Lorikeet Blue Bird female Barn Owl
Tail of Black Cockatoo Goldfinch ( Europe ) White Owl
Bengal Kingfishers ( India ) Mountain Sinnet Rayed Surn Owl ( Sweden )
Belted Kingfisher Californian Scrub Quail Boobook Owl
Bee Eater ( India ) Passenger Pigeon Short Eared Owl
Rock Finch Bull Finch Diurnial Owl ( Holland )
Melodius Finch Green Thornbill ( India ) Regent Bird
Redpole ( France ) Common Cross Bill Baltimore Bird
Mountain Finch Red Winged Starling Common Jay
Green Finch Common Starling Rifle Bird
Bell Bird Lyre Bird


See Photos of some of the Preserved Birds




Buller's Bird Park, Rutherglen


Behind the Buller's Winery at Rutherglen is the well laid out and maintained Buller's Bird Park, which has a large range of birds on display.

Although not a complete listing, most of the birds at the park are listed below.



Alexandra's Parrot Turquoise Parrot Flock Bronze Wing
Blue Winged Parrot Talking Cockatoos Guinea Fowl
Bourke's Parrot Banded Plover Golden Pheasant
Cockateil Belgium Bearded Bantams Mandarin Duck (China)
Crimson Rosella Black Masked Dove Paradise Duck (NZ)
Eclectus Parrot Black Swans Pea Cock
Eligant Parrot Black Winged Stilts Peking Bantoms
King Parrot Brush Turkey Pigeons
Major Mitchel Cockatoo Bush Stone Curlew Red Fronted Kakariki (NZ)
Pale Headed Rosella Bleeding Heart Pigeon (NZ) Ruddy Duck (Himalaya)
Red Vented Blue Bonnet Par. Buff Banded Rail Scaup Duck (NZ)
Regent Parrot California Quail Water Birds
Scarlet Chested Parrot Cape Barron Goose White Pigeon
Superb Parrot Chestnut Brested Shell Duck Wonga Pigeon
Yellow Rosella Emerald Dove


( Endangered Species )


See Photos of some of the Bird Park Birds



Chiltern Birdwatching  Trails

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Endangered Australian Birds

Regent Honeyeater Scarlet Chested Parrot
Bush Stone Curlew Square Tailed Kite
Swift Parrot Turquoise Parrot




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