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Bird Trail 3

Chiltern Bird Trail 2


Bird Trail Number 2

A Bush Paddock and a Brewery


Bartley’s Paddock is a cleared area in the National Park just to the north of Chiltern. From the crossroads in the centre of town, head due north along Main St.

Follow this road as it leaves town as the road to Howlong.

Park 2.9 km from the centre of town along the side of the road. Walk through the narrow screen of trees on the left and jump the old fence into Bartley’sPaddock.

Until recently the cleared area was private land. In the 19th century a brewery operated from the site.

The remains of the brewery can be seen around the old fruit trees at the north end of the paddock. The cleared areas are now slowly regenerating with eucalypts.

A casual walk around the boundary will usually produce a wide diversity of woodland and forest birds. On hotter days a worthwhile wait may be on the two dams in the southern end of the paddock.

Fuscous and Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters are common. Jacky Winter live along the forest edge. Parrots are common.

Painted Honeyeater, Turquoise Parrot, White-winged Triller and Rufous Songlark are often seen in spring and early summer.


Chbird41.JPG (13151 bytes) Chbird43.JPG (14762 bytes) Chbird42.JPG (8576 bytes)

Above left is Jacky Winter, centre is a White Winged Triller, and right is a Rufous Songlark.


Chbird45.JPG (11965 bytes)

Chbird44.JPG (12781 bytes)

Chbird46.JPG (7655 bytes)

Above left is an Eastern Rosella, centre is a Yellow Rosella, and right is a Gang Gang Cockatoo


On most evenings Eastern Grey Kangaroos come out to quietly graze in the paddock.

For a longer excursion return to your car or bike, continue north on the Howlong Rd for a couple of hundred metres and turn right into Riley's Rd.

Follow this along to Green Hill Road and then Battery Hill Road back towards town.

Additional stops can be made at the picnic grounds at both the old Magenta Gold Mine and the reed filled wetland at Frog’s Hollow.



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