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Chiltern Attractions

Chiltern Gaol

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The Chiltern Gaol is located behind the Court House. The doors are unlocked and you may enter the cells. You will find it is a great place to show children as they appear fascinated by the horror of it all.


Chiltern Courthouse and Post Office


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Above you can see the Historic Chiltern Court House, built 1865, with the gaol at the back on the right. The right hand photo shows the Quaint Chiltern Post Office which was built in 1863.



Chiltern's Town Water Supply, Lake Barambogie

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In the photo above you can see the Lake Barambogie, and what makes it unusual is that it is fed by underground water which has been piped. You can see on the right the arterial water flowing out of the pipe into the lake. The water is treated in the plant over the road, and then piped to Chiltern.



Chiltern Tourist Information Centre Ph 0357 261 611



Chiltern Tourist Attractions

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