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In the 1850's John Miller joined the hopefuls in Chiltern Forest looking for Gold. As he looked for signs of Gold, being careful not to disturb too much of the environment, he spied a tiny Golden Mouse watching him. He decided to move away from that immediate area so as not to disturb the mouse's home ..... He struck Gold!

Other stories surfaced of families that were consious of the environment striking it lucky, a sick child suddenly inexplicably recovering after the parents saw the Golden Mouse.

A sighting of the Mouse, followed by a dream, directed one hard luck miner to open a grocery store in which he made his fortune.


The Golden Mouse became a symbol of good luck and children were given a home made one to promote a happy life. People gave them to other people in wishing them luck in their endeavours.


Today we still give a Golden Mouse to those to whom we wish luck, but we now know that there is a little golden native mouse in Chiltern Forest that is rarely seen. Does he have special powers as well as being rather beautiful, or is it another magical mouse that has been seen throughout the ages across Australia?


The stories told of the Chiltern Golden Mouse   are believed to have originated from sightings of the Yellow Footed Antichinus.


The Yellow Footed Antichinus is a tree climbing pouched mouse that lives mostly in dry, open forest country, usually amongst rough barked trees.


This little mouse makes a nest of leaves in fallen logs, hollow trees or rock crevices and is active mainly at night.


Large insects which are caught on tree trunks, branches or logs are the main source of food for this small animal.


The Golden Mouse souvenir items including Statues, Key Chains, Spoons and Hat Badges are available at the Tourist Information Centre, local retail shops, and over the Internet.







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