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Around the National Parks of Chiltern there are hundreds if not thousands of gold mines of all shapes and sizes. This is a great attraction for tourism Victoria. A walk along the Take A Walk track will show you about 20 mine shafts in a couple of hundred metres.

The Gold Mines we will mention are the bigger mines, Magenta Gold Mine, Gold Bar Mine, Alliance Gold Mine, Chiltern Valley Number One Gold Mine, Chiltern Valley Number Two Gold Mine. We have also featured Attrey's Reef as it is easy to get to and shows many small shafts running down the the reef. So if you are a tourist in Victoria or simply intersested in Victorian Tourism, come and see the gold mines in the historic town, or preview them on this net.

Magenta Gold Mine.

The Magenta Gold Mine is located approximately 3 Km from Chiltern. It shows a large open cut section, a stoped section, and two now sealed shafts. There are BBQ and picnic facilities at the site.


Chgold4.JPG (19778 bytes)


Chgold1.JPG (11784 bytes)

The Magenta Open Cut Section.

Chgold2.JPG (8959 bytes)

The Magenta Picnic Area with the fenced area of the mine in the background. The information board explains much of the details of the mining days.

Chgold3.JPG (10566 bytes)

The stoped portion of the mine, stoped meaning the miners dug upwards.

The Magenta Gold Mine is one tourist attraction that tourists in Victoria should not miss.


The Golden Bar Mine

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The Golden Bar Mine near the Cyanide Dam obtained 12,453 ounces of gold between 1901 and 1910.

For those tourists in Victoria who love bush walking in virgin forests, this gold mine will be just the thing. There is a complete circular walk of around 8 kilometres through the Chiltern National Park. For the tourists who are just after the gold, the mine is about 1 kilometre from the cyanide dam car park.

The Alliance Gold Mine


Currently a Lake in the middle of Chiltern.


Chiltern Valley Number One Gold Mine

Chgold8.JPG (6956 bytes)

The view over the lake that was the Chiltern Valley Number One Mine.

Chgold7.JPG (8006 bytes)

A photo from the Athenaeum of the Gold Mine.


Chiltern Valley Number Two Gold Mine




Chgold5.JPG (15720 bytes)

A view over the now lake from the top of the mullock heaps, the quartz hills made from the gravel taken out of the mine, now lake and bird sanctuary.

Chgold6.JPG (22429 bytes)

A photo from the Atenaeum showing the mine in action in 1914. Note the huge poppett heads and railway lines to the heads.


Attrey's Reef

Chgold9.JPG (10630 bytes)

Chgold10.JPG (8737 bytes)

Attrey's Reef is on the Take A Walk track at the Hume Highway Vehicle rest between Chiltern and Barnawartha on the "to Melbourne" side.

For tourism in Victoria re Gold Mines, this is an ideal attraction for those tourists who are racing down the Hume Highway from Sydney to Melbourne. Tourism Victoria has provided a comfort station stop, about 25 kilometres past Albury Wodonga, where the tourist may drive into the rest area, where there are BBQ and picnic facilities, and a short walk into the Chiltern National Forest to see the above gold mines.




For more details on Gold Mining in the Area see the Gold Museum at nearby Rutherglen, the Rose of Sharon.


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