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Wagga Botanical Gardens Zoo


The Wagga Wagga Botanical Gardens Zoo has a large range of both native and non Australian animals and birds.

This is a Free Zoo, sponsored by the local council, and is a perfect place for both the tourist to Wagga and the local residents to spend some time with the beauty of nature.

If taking young children through, buy a small bag of pellets before you go in, as most of the animals will come to you to get some food.


Come and see the range of animals in their large paddocks. Above is a majestic Fallow Deer, sporting a magnificent set of antlers. He is very photogenic and quite likes cameras.


Above the largest of the Australian Kangaroos, the Red Kangaroo.


On the left are a bunch of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and on the right is the adorable Swamp Wallaby.

Two very noisy donkeys, who love being fed, are great value for little children, whilst on the left three Domestic Goats refuse to look at the camera.


The two Emus above will eat anything, including cameras, so keep a reasonable distance from their mouths, whilst the placid Alpacas are quite content with their grass.


A Listing of Animals at the Zoo

Native Mammals  
Common Wombat Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo Swamp Wallaby
Non Indigenous Mammals  
Alpaca Domestic Cattle
Domestic Goat Domestic Pig
Domestic Rabbit Domestic Sheep
Donkey Fallow Deer
Guinea Pig Shetland Pony


Zoo Map

To see a sketch map of the Zoo, press here.


Location of the Zoo


The Wagga Wagga Zoo is located in the Botanical Gardens.

To see the location of the Botanical Gardens, click here.



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