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Wagga Botanical Gardens Zoo

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The Wagga Wagga Zoo has an extensive collection of birds on display.



Above you can see one of the enclosures where you may walk onto a wooden pier which extends just over the water to allow you to observe the water birds in this enclosure. Above you can see a black swan, a mallard and some wood ducks swimming on the pond.



A Listing of the Birds on Display at the Wagga Zoo

Australian Birds    
Australian Shell Duck Bar Shouldered Dove Black Swan
Black Throated Finch Blue Faced Parrot Finch Bourke Parrot
Cockatiel Cockatoo Chestnut Breasted Mannikin
Common Bronzewing Crimson Finch Crimson Rosella
Diamond Dove Diamond Firetail Double Barred Finch
Eastern Rosella Emu Galah
Hooded Parrot King Parrot King Quail
Long Billed Corella Little Corella  
Mallee Ringneck Maned Duck Musk Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet Red Browed Finch Red Collared Lorikeet
Red Crowned Firetail Red Rumped Parrot Regent Parrot
Ringneck Galah Rock Pigeon  
Peaceful Dove Plum Headed Finch Princess Parrot
Scaly Breasted Lorikeet Scarlet Chested Parrot Squatter Pigeon
Star Finch Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Superb Fairy Wren
Superb Parrot    
Wonga Pigeon Yellow Rosella Zebra Finch


Non Indigenous Birds    
Albino Peacock Barbary Dove Blue Indian Pea Fowl
Chinese Silkies Chukar Partridge  
Domestic Canary Domestic Chicken Domestic Duck
Domestic Goose Domestic Pigeon Fantail Pigeon
Golden Pheasant Indian Ringed Necked Parrot Lady Amherst's Pheasant
Nepal Kalij Pheasant    
Reeves Pheasant Ring Necked Pheasant Ring Necked Turtle Dove
Satin Bower Bird Silver Pheasant Yellow Fronted Kakariki


Above one of the many colourful peacocks that wander around the zoo.

Above the Albino Peacock is talking through the wire fence of its enclosure to one of the zoo's free roaming peacocks. On the right is one of the many beautifully coloured pheasants.

Above are two more beautifully coloured pheasants.


Zoo Map

To see a sketch map of the Zoo, press here.


Location of the Zoo


The Wagga Wagga Zoo is located in the Botanical Gardens.

To see the location of the Botanical Gardens, click here.


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