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Wangaratta Attractions


Grass Trees or Big Blackboys


Above are photos of the grass tree, a species only found in this area. These grass trees are beside the Jubilee Golf Course, on the track to the Jubilee Falls.


Grass trees ( or blackboys ) grow much taller in the Warby Range than anywhere else in south east Australia. Members of the lily family, grass trees produce a mass of cream white flowers on a stout spike up to 3 metres tall.

The number of spikes produced is greatly increased by a bushfire, although some plants are also killed by a fire. Up to 7,000 seeds can be produced at any one time by the flowering stem.

It is estimated that the grass tree trunk grows no more than 1.3 cm a year, or 1.3 metres in 100 years. On the other hand, the flower spike shoots up at the rate of 2.5 cm per day.


Jubilee Falls



The photo shows Jubilee Falls, behind the Jubilee Golf Course, during a dry period. The falls are quite spectacular during the wet season, or just after heavy rain. You may drive your car to within 200 metres of the falls.




About 14 kilometres to the south or Melbourne side of Wangaratta, sits the famous town of Glenrowan, where Ned Kelly made his last stand.

In the Winery pictured above, you can make your last stand. Instead of driving all over the country side looking for a good wine, drive to the Buffalo Mountain Wines in Glenrowan and taste the produce of over 30 local wineries.

Buffalo Mountain Wines


Bushranger - Mad Dog Morgan


The grave of the famous bushranger, Mad Dog Morgan, is located in the north western corner of the Wangaratta Cemetery. As you can see above there is an information board telling a bit of the history of this very violent person.



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