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Corowa Attractions


The Corowa Gardens near the RSL Club.



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The Corowa Gardens are next to the Corowa Railway Station and are in front of the RSL Club. These gardens are immaculately kept and show some of the history of Corowa, being set around the old Railway Station and its accompanying railway items.


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From the photos above you can see the beautiful gardens and the carpark of the RSL Club in the distance. The park covers both sides of the Railway Line, and has childrens playgrounds, barbeque and toilet facilities.


The Corowa Railway Turntable

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Set within the gardens is this well kept train turntable. This was used to manually turn the engine of the train around, so that it could pull the carriages back the other direction. Standing next to the turntable you can visualise the methods used to turn these incredibly heavy engines around.

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Above are photos of the delightful Corowa Railway Station and of the gantry or crane that was used to unload the railway goods carriages.




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