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The Mass Tree

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The Murray River Flag, on display at the Old Customs House Tea Rooms.

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The Old Customs House



1     The Mass Tree, The first mass celebrated in Wahgunyah in 1869 was beneath this tree.

2     The Post Office. ( now a private residence). Built in 1863 and used as a Post Office until 1942.

3     The Wahgunyah Collection. Constructed in 1988, contains photographs relating to the history of the area.

  Water Treatment Plant. Opened 1995, a brilliant example of late 20th century industrial architecture.

5     John Foord Bridge. The only bridge across the Murray River named after a person. Erected in 1892, it         replaced the original toll bridge built in 1862.

6    Mormorial Gardens, formerly the Buff Gardens, 1915 including the soldiers memorial, March 1910.

7     Customs House. Built in 1886 for the customs department. Historic building No 332.

8     Empire Hotel. The present hotel was built in 1910 to replace the original building erected in in1861.

   Bank of Victoria. ( now Post Office). Built in 1874. Post Office moved in in 1955.

10    Crisp Foord Cairn, Crisp & foord took up the Wahgunyah Run in 1839. This area included the present         sites of  Rutherglen and Wahgunyah.

11     School of Arts. Hall opened in 1912.

12    Christ the King. Former Congregational Church, built in 1886. Purchased 1969.

13     Water Tower. Erected 1914.

14     Primary School. Opened 1878.

15     Sacred Heart Church. Removed from Chiltern Valley, and opened in 1929.

16    Old Springhurst Wahgunyah Railway Line. Note this will form the completion of the Mountains to the              Murray Rail Trail Bicycle Path, from Bright to Wahgunyah, scheduled for completion in the year 2000.

17     Uncle Toby's. Factory established 1979.



As shown above the walks commence on the right hand side of the John Foord Bridge.


A simple amble along the Mighty Murray for as long as you wish.


An easy walk along the Murray River to a magnificent reserve which has been set aside for camping, picnicing swimming, and water sports. A member of your party can drive to pick you up there, or to bring the food. BBQ facilities are there. To drive there go past All Saints on your left hand side, and turn left into the dirt road. The walk is approximately 3 kilometres.


Again it is the same starting point next to the John Foord Bridge, walking with the river to your left, walk past the magnificent reserve known as Granthams Bend, and approximately 2 kilometres further you will come to the equally magnificent St Leonards Estate, which has picnic and BBQ facilities, photo below.


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Camping in the River Reserves

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Picnic Reserves beside the Magestic Murray River

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Camping Reserve near Police Paddocks




CYCLE TOUR Approximately 6 Km.

As mentioned above, from Wahgunyah you can ride leisurely along either of these two roads, Distillary Road or Traton Street, and if you go far enough you will reach Rutherglen in about 8 kilometres.

But a short ride up Traton St will take you past the Speedway, and to the Historic John Foord Cemetery. This cemetery was a private cemetery commenced in 1859, and closed in 1886. A plaque listing those buried there was unveiled in 1983.

The cemetery is basically behind the Cofield Winery. This winery has a display of beautifully restored old oil engines. The winery fronts onto Distillery Rd. By riding south , with Cofields on your right hand side, you will come to Pfeiffers Winery, which has a famous and historic bridge around the side. About one kilometre down the road you will come to the Carlyle Cemetery, which commenced in 1865, and features Chinese Burning Towers from the Gold Rush era.

Returning home along Distillary Road will bring you back to Wahgunyah, where you can both get refreshments and some local Port of Wahgunyah History at the Old Customs House.

Bicycles may be hired from the Tourist Information Centre in Corowa, just over the Bridge.





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