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Yea Heritage Walk


The Yea Heritage Walk will take approximately 90 minutes at a slow steady pace. The walk may be done as a car tour as there is usually plenty of parking, except perhaps in High Street.




Yea Heritage Walk buildings are marked with numbered copper plates. The town was surveyed and plans drawn up in 1855 by T. Pinniger, surveyor.


1.    Post Office. Built in 1890.

2.    Shire Hall. Originally a single story, but rebuilt in present form in 1894.

3.    Carter's Cafe. Built in 1877 for the Commercial Bank, and still retains its original facade.

4.    96 High Street. Originally a dress maker and ladies clothing shop.

5.    Newsagents. Previously Cairns Drapery Store.

6.    Grand Central Hotel. Built in 1901 as the Caledonian Hotel.

7.    Baynes Furniture Store. In 1891 this building stood on the corner of High and Pecheli Streets and was moved in 1920 for Knights Newsagency.

8.    Grandstand. Constructed in 1891 in the recreation reserve. Not many of these characteristic old style pavilions remain.

9.    State Bank, built 1923.

10.    Westpack Banking built in 1901, with the Commercial Bank as first occupant.

11.    Commercial Store 1897, widely known as Purcells, whose family managed the  store until it was sold in 1986. Classified by the national trust.

12.    Country Club Hotel called Commercial Hotel when first built. Oldest part of the building dates from 1856 and can still be seen.

13.    Beaufort Manor, 111 High Street, built in 1876 of local handmade bricks for 3000 pounds. Yea orchestral society of 20 members practiced here in the 1890's.

14.    St. Luke's Anglican Church Corner of Lyons and Pelissier Streets. Built in1869 at the cost of 600 pounds with 200 pounds spent on furnishings. A National Trust Building.

15.    Sacred Heart Church, The Parade,cost 2369 pounds in 1902 and replaced the original timber building. The Presbytery was built a little earlier in the 1890s.

16.    Lee Gow's Restaurant, corner of Station and Anne Streets. Was built in 1889 by Mr. Lee Gow, a well-known Chinese resident of the town, who advertised his store as "your dear old friend Lee Gow."

17.    Yea Cheese Factory, Rattray Street. First Incorporated Yea Butter Factory in 1891. The present building dates from 1905 and recent extensions are in keeping with the original architecture.

18.    Belvoir was the residence of Yea's first doctor in 1884. Now a private residence.

19.    Police Residence built in 1894 contract price was 98 pounds and 17 shillings and six pence. Additions took place in 1900 when the tree stall stable and forage store  were built.  These interiors are still in original excellent condition.

20.    Private Residence, corner of High and Webster Street is one of Yea's earliest homes. The original kitchen still stands the rear of the house.

21.    16 North Street, private residence built by J.D. Webster around 1876 of local handmade bricks. Remains virtually unaltered today.

22.    Rossmore, corner of Pelissier and Raglan streets, Yea's first hospital until 1930, now a private residence.

23.    Pioneer Reserve. Yea's first schoolhouse built in 1877 for 510 pounds. Extensions were added in 1885 and 1901, now used as a community House is located behind the Shire Offices.

24.    Halletta, Private Residence on the corner of Station and Mary Streets. A typical Edwardian Villa of the early 1900's.

25.    Railway Station, 1889. Recorded in historical building register as one of the best remaining examples of Gothic style stations in Victoria. It had excellent brickwork tuckpointing.

26.    Dunedin, 24 Lyons Street, built 1892, private residence.

27.    Old Cemetery at the end of Lyons Street, it is the resting place of many of Yea's  early settlers.


For more information on Yea's Heritage Walk, drop in to the Information Centre at the Old Railway Station, or phone them on 0357 972 663



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