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Yarrawonga Pioneer Museum

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The first successful Stripper Harvester, a Nicholson and Morrow Harvester, was invented by James Morrow. It was trialed at Dookie Experimental Farm in 1883.

Unlike the Stripper, the harvester cleaned out all the chaff and straw, and left pure grain.

H V MCKays improved design harvester was first built in 1895 at the growing Ballarat Factory. This harvester, above right, was a five foot harvester, and was sent from Ballarat by rail to the Yarrawonga Show in 1904. It was purchased by Sam Parker for 84.

Also in the Museum is this 1916 H V McKay Harvester, serial No 102736, built 22 years later. Far more information is listed on the harvesters themselves.



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Above the Yellow tractor is a New English Fordson. It was an all purpose tractor for 8 - 10 horse loads. Model N  1937 - 1940. Painted Vitamin C Orange.

The Green tractor above is a Ronaldson Tippett 1927. Sold by J Pigdon Yarrawonga to George Bruce of Savernake in 1927.


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Above is a 1913 Saunders Mills Tractor, which is believed to be the oldest tractor in the district. It was purchased new in England and shipped to Yarrawonga by Ted Inchbold.


The Yarrawonga / Mulwala Pioneer Museum has thousands of items on display, from Flying Machines, to Wool Presses, to Bicycles, homewares and trinkets of yesteryear. It even boasts a teapot that ned Kelly and his Gang drank from. The Museum is fully enclosed in a modern building, which makes it an all weather tourist attraction.


Yarrawonga/ Mulwala Pioneer Museum

Phone   0357 441 402

Melbourne Street, Mulwala 2647

Open Wednesdays to Sundays 1.30 Pm to 5.00 Pm

Or by Appointment




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