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Yarrawonga Bicycle Path


This Bicycle Path commences at the Tourist Information Centre located on the Yarrawonga side of the Bridge. This path is 8.5 kilometres long which includes Chinamans Island, and goes to the Woodlands Park.

Yarrawonga Bridge to Yacht Club       2 Km
Yacht Club to Rowing Club including the Circular Path on Chinamans Island   2 Km
Rowing Club to Murray Valley Highway at Drive Inn       1 Km
Drive Inn Theatre to Hogans Road        2 Km
Hogans Road to Woodlands Park    1.5 Km


Yarrawonga Bridge to Yacht Club



Yacht Club to Rowing Club including circular Chinamans Island                                            


Rowing club to Murray Valley Highway at Drive Inn Theatre

Leaving the Rowing Club head south along the only road, pedaling towards the Drive Inn Theatre. The road is straight and flat for easy pedaling.


Drive in Theatre to Hogans Road

From the Drive Inn Theatre, turn right into Murray Valley Highway, and the bike path runs along the fences near the edge of the highway. The start of the gravel bike path is photographed below left.

Yarbike6.JPG (9962 bytes) Yarbike7.JPG (10626 bytes)

The path is a fairly straight path with the exception of a bend or two for trees. It is easy pedalling all the way to Hogans Road.

Hogans Road to Woodlands Park

Yarbike9.JPG (12551 bytes) Yarbike8.JPG (11242 bytes)

Turn left into Hogans Road and ride towards the Lake. This is a normal road which is relatively quiet most of the time. Be careful as it is not a designated bike path. The road is flat and near the end on the left hand side is a milk bar take away food store, which may come in very handy. Pedal to the Lake and turn left along a short road which opens onto Woodlands Park, photos above.

The park is shady, and has lots of open spaces for games, there is a childrens playground, toilets and BBQ facilities. The park is right on the waters edge.



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