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Lincoln Causeway to Wodonga Station Path

The Gateway Island Bicycle and Walking Tracks


Bicycle Path  Union Bridge to Sumpsion Gardens



Union Bridge via Lincoln Causeway to Sumpsion Gardens                      and Wodonga Station   4.20 Km



To Turnoff to Birdhide   1.40 Km  *
To Wodonga Creek   2.40 Km
To Wodonga Freeway Underpass  2.80 Km
Turn Left  
To Sumpsion Gardens 3.20 Km
Sumpsion Gardens Lake Circuit 1.20 Km
To Wodonga Station    4.20 Km



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Above right is the Start of the Lincoln Causeway Bike Path from Union Bridge shown above right, and you can see the path coming down a hill and going under the Hume Highway. The path then goes in a straight line right across the Causeway, passing the Murray River Bike Path Turnoff 1.4Km along.


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At the end of the Causeway the Bike path runs into the old wooden bridge to get across Wodonga Creek. Turn right and follow the track until you go under the Hume Freeway. After crossing under the freeway you will see a sign showing directions for bike riders. Turn left and travel about 400 metres to the second gate into Sumpsion Gardens. This will take you towards Wodonga with the water on your right hand side.

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Sumpsion Gardens were named after Eric Sumpsion who was an avid gardener around Wodonga. The Gardens have Childrens Playgrounds, excellent BBQ facilities, and are an ideal place for picnics and relaxation.


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There is a bike track/ walking track around the lake, which is 1.2 Km long, and provides interesting views of the lakes and willow trees, and the abundant birdlife.


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By riding through the park and veering left at the carpark, the bike track takes you to Bank Street, photo below, and from here it is only about 500 metres to the Wodonga Railway Station.

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