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Mulwala Bicycle Path

This Bicycle Path commences at the Tourist Information Centre, crosses the Bridge over  Lake Mulwala, and goes all the way to the Dennison County Caravan Park, a distance of 9 kilometres. For those wishing to make a day out, we recommend taking a picnic or BBQ lunch, and riding to Kiffins Reserve, perhaps calling in to visit the Linley Park Animal Farm, and then return to the Mulwala Boat Ramp or the Train Park where there are excellent facilities.


Mulwala Bridge to Mulwala Canal   2.5 Km
Mulwala Canal to Mulwala Boat Ramp     1.5 Km
Boat Ramp to Kiffins Reserve 3.0 Km
Kiffins Reserve to Dennison County Caravan Park 2.0 Km



Mulwala Bridge to Mulwala Canal  



Yarbik11.JPG (18717 bytes)


Mulwala Canal to Mulwala Boat Ramp                                          

You may be able to cross the Mulwala Canal on the bridge below, but the metal cabinets along the foot bridge may make the bridge too narrow for bikes. Across the bridge you can see that the Corowa Road veers to the right, and the Bike Path/ Foot Path runs alonside the righthand or eastern side of the road.             


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Above centre you can see the footpath has changed from bitumen to concrete and it cuts the nature strip in half. Above right is the photo of the Mulwala Boat Ramp entrance, where the path comes in at the southern part. The bicycle path continues through tha boat ramp section and heads northwards still following Corowa Road.


Boat Ramp to Kiffins Reserve

From the boat ramp the bike path restarts on the northern section, and crosses over the small metal bridge shown below.

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At various stages along the track there are excercise stations for those fitness experts. The photo above shows three parallel bars set up at three different heights, for the strong walkers to do chin ups. This section of the path is 3 kilometres long and has some stunning views of the Lake.


Kiffins Reserve to Dennison County Caravan Park


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The photo above left shows the end of the bike path as it enters Kiffins Reserve, right opposite the Linley Park Animal Farm. Kiffins reserve is approximately 2 kilometres long, and has some dirt roads for cars going through it. The surfaces are very hard and quite suitable for cycling. There are no facilities at this location.

There are BBQ and toilet facilities at the Mulwala Boat Ramp and further towards town in the park where the Steam Train is.



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