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The Marysville Museum

A unique collection of Horse Drawn, Veteran, Vintage, Classic Vehicles and Memorabilia.

The only one of its Kind in the World.

The prize exhibit at the Museum is a Romany Vardo. This was made in 1895 at a cost of 475 pounds. In that time a double brick two storey house in London cost 100 pounds. If inflation has kept up equally for both, what is the cost of nearly 5 two storey houses in London now? What is the value of this Living Wagon?

As well, this Wagon is the only one of its kind built in England and sculptured by Spooner. Spooner was a famous sculptor who specialised in creating wooden carnival animals for carousels ( merry go rounds ). You can see by a close inspection of this Wagon the brilliance of the workmanship of the woodwork, both the carvings and the magnificently crafted furnature.

Maymus1.JPG (46214 bytes)

Above you can see this superbly carved horse drawn Living Wagon, built in England in1895. This is the only one of its kind in the word.


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Above left you can see the front of the Vardo, with its "stable doors" and the intricate hand carved motifs. On the right you can see a close up of the carving of St George and the dragon. To fully appreciate the magnificence of this carving you will need to see it close up.

Maymus3.JPG (35360 bytes)

Above you can see the magnificently crafted furniture of this wagon. There is a stove on the left hand side, a double bed at the rear, and the most magnificently crafted furniture covering every square inch of these living quarters. This Vardo is still fit for a King.


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