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Albury Hovell Tree Explorers Path

Albury Bike Path

Albury Hovell Tree Bicycle / Walking Path      1.2 Km


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In Albury next to the Murray River is the Hovell Tree Park, so named because of the Explorers Hume and Hovell carved their names on this tree on 17th November 1824. There is a feature garden, shown above left, and plaques describing the events, as in the photo above right.

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Above is a plaque which is a copy of the inscription cut on this tree by explorer Hovell in 1824.

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The bike path commences on the Murray River side of the Hovell Tree, where you will see the wooden Explorers Trail and plaque, shown above left. You may commence by going over this small bridge above, and keeping to the river go past the P S Cumberoona.


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Keeping close to the river follow the bike path above left towards the Kiosk, go past the Kiosk and Canoe Club, centre above, past the playgrounds and over the bridge shown above right.


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The photo above left is looking back from the Hume Highway towards the small bridge, and at the end of this bike path is the Hume Highway underpass, shown centre and right above.


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If you go under the Hume Highway a circular path will bring you up to the Hume Highway, photo above, where you may cross the Border into Victoria along the bike path above, and from there you may ride or walk to Wodonga along the two paths at the end of the Union Bridge.



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