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Howlong Tourist Attractions

Below you will find a listing of the Tourist Attractions of Howlong.


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The magnificent view of the Black Swan Annabranch of the Murray River from the old Bridge overlooking the Lions swimming area and childrens playground and picnic area.

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The picturesque gardens and picnic rotunda set in front of the Howlong Hovell Tree.

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A favourite fishing spot at Lions Park. you can see the grassy bank built to fish from, and you can also see the two rivers, the Murray River and the Black Swan Annabranch join just where you can cast your line.


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A Plaque to commemorate Major Mitchell who with his expedition crossed the Murray here in October 1836. Also another plaque commemorating the first Overland Mail from Melbourne to Sydney crossed here in January, 1838.


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Above is a photo of the stone that the plaques are attached to, and a shot of the river behind.


Aboriginal Art Site


    Yeddonba aboriginal art site is "hidden" in the bush near Mt Pilot. This site is well worth a visit as it has been clearly labelled, well set out and clearly marked pathways,fully maintained and provides some extremely interesting facts, spectacular views and a "strange feeling" being in a sacred place. The rock caves are also fascinating.

    It will leave you with the question of how were these "Chiltern" aboriginals able to paint a Tasmanian Tiger ?           

                                 Aboriginal Site Mt Pilot ( Chiltern )

Aboriginal Art

Dona Mungi Gallery ( Chiltern )


Aeroplane Collision

    See photo at Golf club.



Long Neck Tortices at Lake King ( Rutherglen )

Bullers Winery Bird Park ( Rutherglen )

Ostriches, Emues, Fowls, Goats at Rose of Sharon Gold Mine ( Rutherglen )

Ettamogah Sanctuary, (Albury)



Rose of Sharon Gold Mine Museum ( Rutherglen )

Common School Museum ( Rutherglen )

Weights and Measures ( Rutherglen )

Two stores in town.


Bird Watching

Chiltern is Victoria's Birdwatching Capital

Bullers Winery Bird Park


Bus Service

To & From Albury


Car Hire and Rental

    Cars, Buses, Trucks, Limousines, Taxis



Camping Holidays

The Murray River with help from the Parks and Gardens and Conservation and Envioronment Departments provides some magnificent locations for weekend camping, or even camping holidays.

These locations are on the Victorian side of the Murray River, and are set amongst huge River Gums, many on beautiful sweeping river corners. Tables and BBQ facilities are available, but there are no toilet facilities. Rubbish collection sites or containers are at most locations.

These locations are generally well signposted, but please check with the local Tourist Information centre for more details or a map.

The locations are listed from Barnawartha North, and are listed in order as they go downstream.

Richardsons Bend, North Barnawartha

Doolans Bend

Police Paddocks

Shaws Flat

Granthams Bend, Wagunyah

Stantons Bend, Lake Moodemere

Lumbys Bend

Taylors bend


Canoe Locations

Canoeing can be experienced all along the Murray River, perhaps using one of the above Camping Locations as a base.

Lake Moodemere in Rutherglen is ideal for the learner as there is little current, and for the kids, Lake King in Rutherglen is only about the size of a football ground, an excellent training ground.




The Corowa RSL Club

The Corowa Sports & Citizens Club

The Corowa Golf Club

The Rutherglen Golf Club

The Howlong Golf Club


Corowa Fish Farm

    Fresh fish or fingerlings




Old Time Dances

Corowa Golf Club Every Friday Night


Driving Tours

There are many driving tours, so for brochures please call into the local Tourist Information Centre.

          Driving Tour of Old Goldmines ( Rutherglen )

        Driving Tour of Rutherglen's Historic features ( Rutherglen )

        Driving Tour of the Local Wineries


Rose of Sharon Gold Museum ( Rutherglen )


Equestrian Centre

    At Lowe Square

Famous Federation Painting 1901

Chiltern Athenaeum

Fishing Club

    At the Pub


    Fishing bank at Memorial Park



Corowa Airport

Parachuting Club

Corowa Gliding Club



The Chiltern White Box and Ironbark Forest is a unique forest which provides some magnificent walking tracks and also pleasant driving roads.

White Box Walking Track, 8.5 Km



    Original Double Cell Lock Up at Chiltern.

    Chiltern Gaol


Gold Mines


Attreys Reef ( Chiltern )

Golden Bar Mine ( Chiltern )

Magenta Gold Mine ( Chiltern )

Rose of Sharon ( Rutherglen )


Gold Mines Drive Tour

        Press Here for Details


Gold Mine Tour

See both the Coopers Gold Mine and the Shamrock and Thistle gold Mine.

Rose of Sharon


Gold Mine Museum

Rose of Sharon Gold Mine & Museum


Golf Clubs   

Corowa Golf Club 

Howlong Golf Club

Rutherglen Golf Club      


Golf Driving Range

 Practice Fairway, Corowa Golf Club

Driving Range, Albury


Historical Newspapers

Newspapers from Rutherglen, Chiltern and the Melbourne Herald from the 1860's

            Rutherglen Museum


Hovell Tree

    At Lowe Square


Howlong's Historic 100 Mile Horse Race

    Information at the Howlong Golf Club.


Howlong's Historic Circuit

    Brochures at Lowe Square


Iris Garden Nurseries

Corowa Iris Nursery

Rutherglen Iris Nursery



                Lake King

             Lake Moodemere

Lawn Bowls

                 Howlong Bowling Club

                Corowa Bowling Club

                Corowa RSL Club

                Indoor Bowling at Corowa RSL Club

                Rutherglen Bowling Club




The Water Tower, ( Rutherglen )

Rose of Sharon Gold Mine & Museum ( Rutherglen )   

Mt Ochertyte, ( Rutherglen )


Major Mitchell Crossing Point

    Across Murray in Victoria, turn right into Weidner Lane, follow sign.


Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Bullers Winery Bird Park


Mount Ochtertyre

Named by Major Mitchell in October 1836 on his return to Sydney. Mitchell climbed Mt Ochtertyre to look for a place to cross the Murray River. His actual Crossing place is marked  with a cairn, located on the Howlong Road about 800 metres after you cross into Victoria.

To climb Mt Ochtertyre, a fairly gentle climb, travel down Mia Mia Road from the Murray River end and turn right into Ochtertyre Lane. A notice and a stye over the fence will indicate the starting point.

Mt Ochtertyre




Details of the processes of, and exhibits of the machines and processes,

and Documents of Dozens of old Gold Mines are at the

Rose of Sharon Gold Mine Museum



                Federation Museum ( Corowa )

                Rose of Sharon Gold Mine Museum ( Rutherglen )

                Common School Museum, ( Rutherglen )

                Gerogery Dolls Museum, ( North of Albury)

             Pioneer Museum, ( Jindera )

           Athenaeum Museum ( Chiltern )

             Motor Museum ( Chiltern )

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Ball Park, ( Corowa )

Rutherglen Memorial Park ( Rutherglen )

Tourist Park, ( Chiltern )



Corowa Parachuting Club, Corowa Airport



Ball Park, ( Corowa )

Corowa Gardens near RSL Club.( Corowa )

Memorial Park, ( Rutherglen )


Picnic Locations

    Lowe Square

    Memorial Park

    Lions Park

Pony Club

    At Lowe Square


Rail Trail

    Bright to Wangaratta


River Beaches

Lions Park, underneath the Howlong Bridge

Rowers Park, underneath John Foord Bridge ( Corowa )

Stantons Bend, near Lake Moodemere ( Rutherglen )


River Swimming

Lions Park, underneath the Howlong Bridge

Rowers Park, Corowa, underneath John Foord Bridge ( Corowa )

Stantons Bend, near Lake Moodemere ( Rutherglen )

Police Paddocks ( Rutherglen )

Granthams Bend,  ( Wahgunyah )


Rutherglen Train Rides

Stringybark Express

The Stringybark Express runs from the Wahgunyah Station along the old Springhurst to Wahgunyah railway line. The train is for hire any day.


Stage Coach Rides Rutherglen

Stage Coach


Sports Grounds

    At Lowe Square



Train Turntable

Train Turntable ( Corowa )


Water Skiing

Water skiing is a very popular sport along the Murray River. Boat ramps are available at the Ball Park Caravan Park near the John Foord Bridge, and at the end of Lone Pine Ave, Corowa.

You can ski all the way to Yarrawonga and Lake Mulwala.



Howlong Heritage Walk

White Box Walking Track, 8.5 Km ( Chiltern )

 Chiltern Take A Walk ( On Hume Highway, Chiltern )  

Lake King ( Rutherglen )

  River Walks, Wahgunyah to Wineries


Weights and Measures

The Common School Museum

See what a scruple is. How many barley corns in an inch?

How many inches in a palm? How many hundredweight in a ton?



                Press Here for Details - Wineries Rutherglen



Winery Tours

Grapevine Getaways - Mini Bus

Linbrae Camel Farm wine caravan

Rutherglen Stage Coach

Mylons Motorways


Winery Tour Self Drive

Press here for details


Yabbie Farm

                Murray Bank Motel Corowa


For more Information on Howlong Accommodation

please phone the Howlong Bakery on 0260 265 141,

or Corowa Information Centre on 0260 331 221,

or Albury Information Centre Free Call on 1800 800 743.












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