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Around the years 1934 and1935 during which time the Hume Weir was being built, a church was also built at the weir to conduct Sunday Worship. This was a modest timber building, and was named St Mary's Catholic Church. After the completion of the weir, the St Mary's Church building was transported to Glenellen to serve the local community.

In 1974 St Mary's was put up for sale, and Mrs Mary Holden, who had always wanted to be a saint, bought the church and transported it to her property in Gerogery. The original church is now the Gerogery Doll's Museum. St. Mary's now has a constant congregation of over 2000 dolls.

Gerogery is located about 25 kilometres from Albury. There are two ways of driving here, one is to stay on the Hume Highway passing the Ettamogah Sanctuary and the Ettamogah Pub, and then turning left at Bell's Road, the major road to Wagga Wagga. Gerogery is the first little town, about 3 minutes drive from the turnoff.

The second method is to leave Albury on the Hume Highway, and just as you near the Ettamogah Sanctuary, turn left into Olympic Way. This is a pleasant drive to Gerogery. At the town, you will find a General Store, a friendly Pub, an historical Railway House, a renovated Childrens Pre School and the Doll Museum.

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The Gerogery Doll Museum has a huge range of over 2000 dolls in all shapes and sizes, from the very meticulous French Bouquette Dolls to Gollywogs and Teddy Bears, and dolls of all countries.


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Above left is the World's Largest Barbie Doll, at 58 cm high. Above middle is the 1880 French Bouquette Doll with her original clothing. Above right is a very rare Aboriginal Doll of the 1950's.


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Above left are two adorable twins made in the 1950's, and centre are three shady characters, made of wood early in the 1900's. These three are nut cracker dolls. They have a large wooden handle that opens their mouths, into which you insert a nut, ( in this case a walnut ) and press the lever, thus cracking the nut. See insert above right.

Cudoll7.JPG (12521 bytes) Cudoll8.JPG (27653 bytes)

Above left is a German made doll, made in the later 1800's. Above right is a Chinese Family set of dolls, known as the Door of Hope Dolls. These date back to the early 1800's.

Please call in when you visit Albury as this is the largest array of dolls to be found outside a Capital City, and our door is open 7 days a week. The dolls would love to see you, and so would St Mary!!


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