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Mount Pilot Tourist Farm

RMB 1130   Toveys Road   Chiltern  3683

Phone / Fax  0357 261 655




Holiday with your Horse


The Mount Pilot Tourist Farm is one of the unique holiday resorts that can offer you a holiday with your horse.


Bring your own horse and it can stay in the horse yards overnight, and you may ride your horse over the 60 hectares of the farm.

Or you may wish to ride the historic trails, such as the Old Coach Road which went from Melbourne to Sydney back in the 1860's. These old trails are excellent horse riding locations as they meander through the Chiltern Iron Box National Park Forest, and around Mount Pilot, and have virtually no traffic.

For people transporting their horses along the Hume Highway, the Mt Pilot Tourist Farm is only 7 kilometres along the Beechworth Chiltern Road, and 3.5 kilometres along Toveys Road, just over 10 kilometres from Chiltern or the Hume Highway. This makes the Farm an ideal and convenient stop over.



Barbeque and Function Pavilion



To fully appreciate the beautiful country nights, Mt Pilot Tourist Farm has an all weather entertainment facility, as shown above. There are plenty of tables and chairs, and as you can see a huge open fire place, which has cooking facilities. You can see the black swinging arm of the rest which allows you to boil water or cook soup or stew, or you may just simply cook toast on a fork.

On the right hand side of the fire place, just around the corner, is the barbeque area, where there is a full range of burners and tools or cooking implements. In the top right hand corner is a small dance floor, and the music and speakers set up. Come along and enjoy real country hospitality.


Trail Rides



The Mount Pilot Tourist Farm provides escorted trail rides through the natural Australian bush. Experienced guides and trained horses will provide your group with enjoyable and memorable moments.

1 hourly rides, fully escorted trail rides

helmets provided

Contact Ray for prices.




The Mount Pilot Tourist Farm is situated in Toveys Road, which is a circuit which runs off the Chiltern to Beechworth Road.

Travelling from Melbourne to Albury along the Hume Highway, turn left into the Chiltern Off Ramp, and then turn right towards Beechworth. Travel 7 kms along this road, and turn left at Toveys Road. Travel 3.5kms and you will see the Tourist Farm on your left.

Contact Us

RMB 1130   Toveys Road   Chiltern  3683

Phone / Fax  0357 261 655




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