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The following products are all made in Chiltern, and are on display throughout the town.


Chmade6.JPG (13938 bytes) Awonderful range of cleverly mixed preserves all made from natural ingriedients, and sold at the Mulberry Tree Tea Rooms.



An old Family Recipe passed down makes Ross and Em's Pickled Onions a real Chiltern favourite. Available from the Pickled Onion Shop, where else?

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The Chiltern Bakery provides a full range of freshly baked pies, pastries, cakes and bread.




The Chiltern Hobby Horse can be obtained from a few of the shops in Chiltern.


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A wonderful turn of the Century Invention for making string, twine and rope.

This gadget allows you to make your own dog lead, to your own strength and length. See it at the Grapevine Museum.



TheChiltern Honey Farm makes wonderful Honey which can be purchased at a variety of shops.

Or call into the Farm and watch the busy little Bees hard at their work behind their glass hive.

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The Culinary skills of the chefs at the Mulberry Tree Tea Rooms is on display with these home made biscuits.

Sample some yourself, on sale at the Mulberry Tree Tea Rooms.



These two naughty Gollywogs have wandered in from the Dark, Dark Woods.

You can see them and their friends at Duffa's Dinkum Den d' Arts, a shop where nearly everything is made in Chiltern.

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At Duffas Dinkum Den d' Arts you may buy these two wooden garden owls, or this unusual wooden bear door opener (stop).

At Duffer's they have a saying that " Thank God for the last minute, for without it, nothing would get done at all."

Duffer's has a large selection of Quilting and Patchwork supplies.




Black Dog Creek Pottery has a fine reputation throughout the district, and the locally made items are on sale at various retail outlets.


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Chiltern's own furniture maker has wares on display in the furniture shop in the main street.




At Bagpipes and Shilalies you will see this little locally made Chiltern Bag Piper on display.

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Chiltern Tourist Information Centre Ph 0357 261 611



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