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Here we feature three Museums, The Chiltern Athenaeum, the Star Hotel and the Chiltern Motor Museum.




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The Chiltern Athenaeum is a museum full of Chiltern's historical features and records.

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Henry Handle Richardson

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Wilfred Busse

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Mary Gaunt

The Athenaem features the books of its three authors, the most noteable of which is the authoress Henry Handle Richardson who wrote The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney, a trilogy made up of three books, Australia Felix, The Way Home and Ultima Thule.

Mary Gaunt wrote Kirkhams Find, The Moving Finger and Daves Sweetheart.

Wilfred Busse wrote the Blue Beyond and the Golden Plague.

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Above are two glass bottles that have the word Chiltern incorporated into their design.

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Above is a fascinating valve which allowed petrol driven cars and trucks to be switched over to charcoal driven during the 2nd W.War.

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Above is a Miners Wife's Gun, one of the first deringers. You can see how small the pistol is.

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A range of the famous gum leaf paintings done by local artist Alfred Eustace, who died in 1907.

The Athenaeum has many and varied exhibits, all with a Chiltern theme.

The Artist above, Alfred Eustace, 1820 to 1907, had a daughter who is reported to be the fist female born in Albury. She was born in Albury on 23 November 1852, met the Queen in 1954, and died in 1959 at the age of 106. Miss Eustace was Australia's oldest living person. Her story and photographs are in this museum.

There are many artifacts, such as aboriginal weapons and tools, a collection of bottles, a rock collection, many gold mining items, historic photos and a range of clothing including a 100 year old wedding dress.

The above photo of the charcoal burner valve is on display, including the instructions or directions of how charcoal burners were attached to vehicles in the late 1930's and early 40's to run the engines usually run on petrol. Bring a notebook with you and you could convert your car.

On the 31st May 1933, a Wirraway Aircraft, piloted by Francis Albert Robertson, landed on the roof of Sister Carter's Home in Epsom Rd, Chiltern. The pilot was lost and was trying to land. He did this successfully except he landed on the roof of a house. The full story and photographs are on display at the Athenaeum, along with the pilot's goggles, and the newspaper cuttings at the time.

John Mc Ewen, the Prime Minister of Australia in 1967 was born and lived in Chiltern. He has presented to the museum a large collection of his memorabillia, including his medals, and the bible on which he took oath.

Sir Isaac Isaacs, Australia's first Governor General, made his maiden political speech in Chiltern at the Star Theatre.

Sir Isaac presented a beautiful cedar Pedistal and Banner Stand to the Chiltern Miners Association in 1893. The stand has pride of place just inside the front door.

Obviously the Athenaeum was a library, and as is shown in the top picture, there is still in its original state a magnificent library table complete with the newspaper holder, and the original chairs. The shelves and bookcases are also original, as too the books. There are some very special books, including signature books, Chiltern's own authors books, and  a set of Britanica Encyclopedia 1898.


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A scarrifier made by James Moore in the 1860's.

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A double furrow vineyard plough made by Andrew Kilgour    approximately 1862

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The Magnificent Painting of the Opening of Australia's First Parliament in May 1901.


To see more of this Magnificent Painting of the First Parliament, click here.



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