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The Star Hotel, The Star Theatre, The Famous Grapevine and the Star Museum are all parts of the one complex.

Within this museum there are countless thousands of items of historical interest.


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The most famous grapevine in the Southern Hemisphere, recorded in the Guiness Book of Records, grows in the courtyard of the Star Hotel.

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The magnificent Star Theatre, set out as it was in the early 1900's.

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The ticket box and projection room of the old theatre. The movie projector which was turned by hand is also on display.



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This is a magnificent collection of Salesman's Jugs dating to 1901. There is one real jug, all the rest are flat, displays, so the customers could see the actual coloured patterns.

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This whole cabinet is of antique shaving apparel, from cut throat razors, lathering brushes and mugs, and razor sharpening straps.

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Above is an actual radiogram with the speaker and a porcelain dog, replicating the famous picture of His Masters Voice.

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The magnificent bar of the Vine Hotel, dated before 1900.




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Out the back of the Hotel is the Coach Stables, or the Gadget Shed. This shed will keep the gadget watcher interested for hours.

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A very simple machine made to twist twine and string into ropes. Ideal for making your own dog lead.

Chvine11.JPG (5959 bytes)

A machine to make flat iron into corregated iron.

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A well protected but in need of massive repair, horse carriage.


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An iron with a stand. The iron has a heating device inside it which is fueled by kerosine from the tank on the back.There are dozens of old irons on display.

Chvine15.JPG (8487 bytes)


Beyond repair, a beautiful, ex weather beaten vintage car, still very dignified in its resting place.

Chvine16.JPG (8491 bytes)

An ingenious device for sharpening knives and tools. It operates like a bicycle, the pedals turn pulleys and gears and rotate the circulat sharpening stone.

Chvine17.JPG (5930 bytes)

This device is a mechanical saw. A little hard to see on the photo but the wheel drives a rod which pushes a saw backwards and forwards over the log at the top of the photo.





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