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Australian Aboriginal Products


Australian Aboriginal Products


Below you will find a selection of Traditional Australian Aboriginal Products

                         painted by renowned Australian Aboriginal Artist Eddy Harris.



Product 1


Symbolic Ceramic Sculpture

The Doma Mungi Gallery has designed and created a symbolic ceramic sculpture which represents the Chiltern Box Ironbark Forest.

This Forest has been set aside by the Victorian Government to protect the fauna and flora that live in and visit the forest.

There are over 200 species of birds alone recorded in this forest, making the forest the Birdwatching Capital of Southern Australia.

There are 4 endangered bird species that need the forest for survival, the Regent Honeyeater, the Square Tailed Kite, the Turquoise Parrot and the Swift Parrot, making this forest one of the most important feeding grounds for migratory birds in Australia.

Aside from the birds, there are many special localised wildflowers and animals that are peculiar to only this regional forest.

This being the case, the Doma Mungi Art Gallery has created a special symbolic ceramic sculpture which represents the Forest, and renowned aboriginal artist, Eddy Harris has beautifully decorated the sculpture with his authentic traditional aboriginal artwork depicting the native forest animals.


Chdoma8.JPG (10669 bytes)



Chdoma7.JPG (18901 bytes)

Chdoma11.JPG (17691 bytes)


Above left is the sculpture showing a flying duck, with many smaller animals and symbols depicted over the tree trunk, whilst on the right is a painting of a red bellied black snake, again with accompanying smaller artistic creatures.

Selling Price  $355.00



Product 2


Aboriginal Made and Painted Didgeridoo


Chdoma6.JPG (11271 bytes)

The Gallery has an array of beautifully made, and magnificently painted Didgeridoos, featuring the traditionally depicted goannas.

Selling Price $150.00


Product 3

Aboriginal Made and Painted Boomerangs

Chdoma12.JPG (21522 bytes)

Australian made Boomerangs painted by local artist Eddy Harris.

Selling Price  $55.00


Product 4

Wooden Vase


Chdoma9.JPG (18543 bytes)

Above is a wooden flower vase with authentic traditional aboriginal painted lizards and symbols, creatively painted around the base.

Selling Price $55.00


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