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Woolshed Falls are spectacular Water Falls which once was the centre of the richest Goldfields in Victoria, with more than 8000 Gold Miners or Diggers living along the banks of this small stream.

Woolshed Falls are 5 kms from Beechworth towards Wodonga or Chiltern. Veer left at the Chiltern turnoff and again turn left into McFeeter's Road. Woolshed Falls are over the bridge and to the right.



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On arriving at the Woolshed Falls car park, note that the road is in a circular pattern.

Off to the left is an extension that goes up to the waterfall lookout or observation deck. The toilets are near the entrance to the car park, and the start of the walk is on the eastern or creek side of the toilets. 

Be sure to walk down to the bridge which is section 9 to see the diversion race cut into the granite.


1        SPRING CREEK DIVERSION                        

        Large eroded gullies like this are found throughout the Beechworth goldfields district. They were mostly the result of hydraulic sluicing, a method of mining in which hoses were used to direct water at high pressure on gold bearing stream banks. This method was used here after the waters of the original Spring Creek ( Reid's Creek ) was diverted from its course. This gave the miners access to the rich gold bearing original creek bed which you will see further along the walk. At this point you are looking at the diverted creek.

Only 140 years ago, the point at which you are standing would have been in the middle of a flat paddock like that behind you and to the right.


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The equipment used here is on show at the El Dorado Museum




        All of the original stands of trees in the vicinity were cleared by the miners for firewood or shaft props. The growth of trees today is testament to the resilience of the Australian Bush to major disturbance.

This Beechworth Silver Stringybark is a rare blue leafed eucalypt that is only recorded here.




    Once the tree cover had been depleted, this gully would have eroded quickly following heavy rains. The miners then had to deal with the problem of collapsing banks and flooded claims. It is likely that stream banks were liable to collapse when the water undercut the steep banks.

The miner's solution was to cut a tunnel directly through the solid granite to provide an outlet for the water, a diversion within a diversion. You should be able to see the end of the tunnel.

About 150 metres further along the walk you may be able to see the water entering the tunnel. When you pass number 8 you will walk to the cliff above and opposite number 2, and will have an excellent view of the tunnel.




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Above is a photo taken from the cliff at viewing point 8, showing the creek entering the diversion tunnel, and exiting past the cliff.


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