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Beechworth to Everton Rail Trail

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Riding along this Rail Trail you cannot help but notice the peacefulness of the Countryside, as there is virtually no noise from traffic or farm machinery. The noisiest things are the different birds on certain areas of this trail. Above left is a photo looking back towards Beechworth taken from Diffey Road just before Zig Zag Road. Above right the Rail Trail moves through a more heavily timbered area on its way to the Bridge above the Diffey Road.



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Above is a picturesque spot approximately 500 metres before the Diffey Road Bridge, looking back towards Beechworth.


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Above are photo's of the Diffey Road bridge, showing the trail going over the bridge and veering off to the right, and a photo from Diffey Road looking up at the bridge. It is worth while to look at the brickwork of the bridge pillars as these would have been made well over 100 years ago.


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At Everton Station the tracks divided, one going straight on to Bright, and one diverging left to Beechworth. Before the restoration of the trail, the only clue as to the diverging tracks were these two drains above, allowing a small creek to flow under each track. By looking through the tunnels you can see where the two train tracks seperated.


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The two famous Federation Trees, planted in 1901 at both the Everton Station and Tarrawingee Station. The photo on the left is the Everton Tree, a beautful lemon scented ghost gum. Coming from Beechworth or Wangaratta towards Everton, just as you cross the old railway line the road turns sharply left, the tree is in the paddock on the left hand side.

The Tarrawingee Federation Tree can be seen on the south of the old station, which is only 100 metres in from the ElDorado Road, obviously where the rail trail crosses the road. The locals use this tree as a weather barometer as after a dry spell the tree will turn bright pink just before a storm.


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