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Spectacular Views from the Air


Around the Bright and Porepunkah District there is some of the most Spectacular Alpine Scenery, especially when seen from above.


There is Excitement in the Air

at Bright and Porepunkah

with the many and varied

Alpine Air Adventures


The Bright area boasts the best range of Air Adventures available, which will enthrall and exhilarate you, and provide you with brilliant photographs or stunning memories of these magnificent views from above, to last you a lifetime.


Powered Hang Gliding or Ultralighting



Above some of the spectacular country you can fly over in the ultralights.



One of the ultalights landing.



A close up of an ultralight in flight.


With the ultralights you may have twin flights and fly together.


Conventional Aircraft


For the more conservative Bright offers scenic joy flights in a conventional light aeroplane. Select your own course and see whichever part of the Alpine area that interests you the most.


Tandem Paragliding


An ideal way to experience paragliding, sitting next to a qualified instructor.





The experienced parachutist has exceptional countryside to jump over.


Hang Gliding



It seems like jumping off the edge of the world when you leap into space from the Mt Buffalo hang gliding ramp.



Bright Air Attraction Phone Numbers

When calling these Attractions, please tell them

"Tim from Tourism sent you!"

Alpine Paragliding  -        Paragliding 0357 551 753
Bright Microlights  -         Microlights 0357 501 555
Eagle Flying School  -       Microlights 0357 501 174
Holiday Air Adventures -  Aeroplane 0357 535 250




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