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Yarrawonga Tourist Attractions

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Yarrawonga Tourist Attractions


Yarrawonga Mulwala Tourist Information Centre


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The Yarrawonga / Mulwala Tourist Information Centre is located at the Yarrawonga end of the bridge over Lake Mulwala, which is also the Victorian/ NSW Border. Above left you can see the Tourist Centre entrance, and next to the building the paddle wheels of the Paddle Steamer Pilot which had her maiden voyage on the 1st September, 1883.

Above right you can see the Tourist Centre tucked in on the edge of Lake Mulwala, along with the famous old Customs House, right at the commencement of the bridge, (or the NSW border).

The Old Customs House 1880's

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When the Railway reached Yarrawonga in 1886, the Yarrawonga Railyard became the main focus for wheat growers on both sides of the Murray. The Customs House became very busy during harvest, and often wheat wagons from NSW were lined up right across the old timber traffic bridge.

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Prior to 1860 the nearest crossing point was the Corowa Wahgunyah Punt. The punt operated from 1860 to 1891, when the first traffic bridge was built at Wahgunyah.

Prior to 1900 the Colonies of NSW and Victoria had Customs Houses on their borders. They imposed import duty and stock taxes on goods moving across the borders.This Victorian Customs House would collect duties on primary produce such as wheat, wool, and livestock moving south from NSW.


Outside the Tourist Centre are the paddle wheels from the Paddle Steamer Pilot. The P. S. Pilot had her maiden voyage in September 1883. Soon after the Pilot was employed carrying logs for an extension to the Echuca Wharf. After working for a timber mill in Mulwala, the Pilot ended her days beside the Murray at Mulwala, and was drowned at her moorings when the lake was created in 1939.

These paddle wheels lay resting on the bottom of the lake for 45 years until in 1985 they were recovered and restored by apprentices at the Mulwala Explosives Factory. Walk over to the wheels to see just how much power would have been needed to ensure this boat paddled upstream.

The Old Yarra Mine

Set inside the Yarrawonga/ Mulwala Tourist Information Centre is this Simulated Mine, where the mine shaft passages display the largest collection of Gems, Minerals and Fossils in this whole region.

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The collection belonged to Dean and Myra Briggs, who had spent their lifetime travelling and collecting this exciting range of minerals, crystals, opals, gemstones and other related objects.

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Dean and Myra Briggs donated this magnificent collection to the Yarrawonga Shire so that their labour of love could be put permanently on display, and at the same time it could earn proceeds to benefit local charities.

As you can see from the photographs above the Shire has done a magnificent job in creating a stunning mine shaft effect in order to display this huge range. This is one mine shaft which you should definitely visit whilst in Yarrawonga.




For more Information on Yarrawonga Tourist Attractions please phone the Yarrawonga Tourist Information Centre on 1800 062 260


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